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Ivanchuk's Most Amazing Sacrifice in the Sicilian/Fischer-Sozin Attack
Definitely, Mikhail Golubev's ‘Understanding the Sicilian’ (Gambit) is a must whether you want to improve your theory knowledge of this endless-road opening. I was totally immersed in it when I found this piece of art which I consider Vassily Ivanchuk's most amazing sacrifice ---at least in the Sicilian/Fischer-Sozin Attack. Chuky is…

Recognizing a Checkmate with Two Self-Block
I hadn't heard of the checkmate with two self-block until I received the last issue of New in Chess (2018/3). In it, GM Jan Timman wrote about the great performance of the Tiger of Madras, GM Viswanathan Anand at the Tal Memorial held in Moscow. Vishy showed excellent chess and…

The First OTB Victory against a Grandmaster
Of course not me but a good friend of mine. It's always superb to achieve a nice victory over the board at the club, not to mention if the guy opposite to you happens to be a strong Grandmaster. Well, that was exactly what occurred some days ago at the…

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