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You can call me a traditionalist, a very closed-minded one. But as a caveman ---if you like--- there's something I care the most, and that's the true foundations of what I love. While thousands of chess enthusiasts went crazy this week discussing online the wonderful moves of Google's Alpha Zero…more

Certainly there is quite a bunch of chess players in the elite which you could root for, but one among them seems to stand out from the rest. The name Vassily Ivanchuk and the word geniality are often inextricable. The 48-year-old Ukrainian is one of those persons you see and immediately feel comfortable…more

We all know there are plenty of chess apps out there in the market ---most of them not being worthy of your phone's memory--- but what about those precious short lines of code forgotten at the end of the gallery? Well, let me show you four great chess apps for…more

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading 'King's Indian Warfare’ (Quality Chess), an interesting journey conducted with mastery by the creative Israeli GM Ilya Smirin, and ended up marveled at the huge respect cast by him on his great opponents. This book suggested me one question ---besides many venomous…more

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