Last weekend I took part in a national championship cycle tournament. It was a Swiss sub-2200 event of seven rounds. My goal was five points. Sadly, I ended just short of the coast. This is not to say I hadn't my chances as we're about to see. The last round…more

Of course not me but a good friend of mine. It's always superb to achieve a nice victory over the board at the club, not to mention if the guy opposite to you happens to be a strong Grandmaster. Well, that was exactly what occurred some days ago at the…more

Josef Vančura was a Czech composer born at the end of the nineteenth century and buried only 23 years later, in 1921. He's remembered for a specific rook and rook's pawn vs rook endgame which he carefully studied. Due to his work history will call this the Vančura Position. Most chess…more

You can call me a traditionalist, a very closed-minded one. But as a caveman ---if you like--- there's something I care the most, and that's the true foundations of what I love. While thousands of chess enthusiasts went crazy this week discussing online the wonderful moves of Google's Alpha Zero…more

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