Josef Vančura was a Czech composer born at the end of the nineteenth century and buried only 23 years later, in 1921. He's remembered for a specific rook and rook's pawn vs rook endgame which he carefully studied. Due to his work history will call this the Vančura Position. Most chess…more

You can call me a traditionalist, a very closed-minded one. But as a caveman ---if you like--- there's something I care the most, and that's the true foundations of what I love. While thousands of chess enthusiasts went crazy this week discussing online the wonderful moves of Google's Alpha Zero…more

Probably the theory of corresponding squares is one of the hardest aspects of chess endgames. It is mainly applied to pawn-ending situations where king maneuvers are essential. ‘The ideal case is a system of squares where both kings are in reciprocal zugzwang’, explains Karsten Müller on the ever-consulted ‘Fundamental Chess Endings’ (Gambit).…more

A couple of months ago Dana Mackenzie published an instructive article about the technique required to succeed in a classic king-and-queen-vs-king-and-rook endgame. He decided to call that maneuver the Seesaw. Let me show you why he did so and then how I came to discover the Stairway maneuver. [caption id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter" width="300"]…more

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